11 Ways to Save Money at CVS

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CVS makes it easy to save money on the things you need.

Key points

  • CVS offers many ways to save on items you may need at the store.
  • CVS is one of the few retailers that still allows coupon stacking.
  • The CVS app is a convenient place to store digital coupons, ExtraBucks, and exclusive offers.

If you’re like my family, you spend a fair amount of time (and money) at CVS. However, one thing about CVS that I’ve never been thrilled with is their pricing. While the store has great sales, my time seems to suck. Say I need cough syrup or pain relievers. My favorite brands never seem to be on sale when I need them.

And that’s why I’ve been excited to learn about the ways CVS encourages customers to save money. Here are 11 of my favorite money-saving techniques.

The CVS ExtraCare card is part of a loyalty program. Absolutely free, you will be surprised by all the benefits it gives you. For one thing, you get 2% back on most purchases. The cash back comes in the form of ExtraBucks reward points that can be used the next time you shop. The card also gives you great deals on sale prices.

2. CVS CarePass

About six months ago, I signed up for CVS CarePass, a paid membership plan. Why would I spend $5 a month (or $48 a year) to pay for a plan when I already have the ExtraCare card? Because it saves me 20% off CVS Health® brand products, offers me free one- to two-day shipping, a 24/7 pharmacist help line, free same-day prescription delivery day and my favorite benefit: monthly promotional rewards of $10 cash. So far, spending my rewards money has covered the cost of membership and helped me pay for the products I purchased.

3. CVS Beauty Club

If you buy cosmetics and beauty supplies from CVS, you will benefit by joining the Beauty Club. With this program, you’ll receive 10% back in ExtraBucks several times a year and a free beauty gift every month you make a qualifying $30 purchase.

4. Receive coupons

I used to think ridiculously long CVS receipts were comical. That was until I noticed how many great coupons and deals are at the bottom. Taking advantage of those coupons and deals is another way to save money.

5. Coupon Kiosk

When you first walk into many CVS stores, you will find a kiosk. Enter a little information, and the kiosk spits out coupons you can use right away or on a later shopping trip. Coupons range from product discounts to totally free items.

6. Emails

I hate spam, but that’s not what CVS sends. When I get an email from CVS, it’s a personalized offer based on items I’ve purchased in the past. In other words, when they negotiate for something they think I want or need, they’ll let me know.

7. Flu shot

My husband and I stopped by our local CVS a couple of months ago for our yearly flu shots. The good thing is, when the pharmacist was done helping us protect our health, he gave each of us a $5 shopping pass.

8. Birthday present

If you add your date of birth to your account profile, you’ll receive $3 ExtraBucks to use for whatever you need.

9. Pharmacy and Health Rewards

If you have enrolled in the ExtraCare program, you are also eligible for benefits through your Pharmacy and Health Rewards program. Here’s how it works: For every 10 prescriptions you’ve filled, you’ll receive $5 in ExtraBucks. You can earn a limit of $50 in credit per year, but they can be used to buy anything in the store.

10. Rain checks

Let’s say you browse the weekly circular and find an item you need on sale. If the store doesn’t have it in stock, simply ask a clerk to write you a rain check. Rainchecks do not expire, so you can pick up the product when it suits you.

11. Coupon Stacking

Did you know that CVS allows you to earn ExtraBucks, store coupons, and manufacturer coupons? I was not aware of this little commercial gem until recently.

If you’re going to take advantage of the CVS discount, you can simplify your life by downloading the CVS app and connecting it to your ExtraCare card. Better yet, use the app to store ExtraBucks, digital coupons, and exclusive CVS deals.

Personally, I find that I enjoy trips to CVS more when I know I’m going to save money. After all, for my family it means more money in our bank account.

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