A new League of Legends spin-off has just leaked

A new League of Legends spin-off has just leaked

A League of Legends spin-off title is reportedly in the works for PC and consoles.

First reported by Polygon, the leak comes from South Korea’s game rating board. According to the leak, the game is titled Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story and has been rated for PC and console.

It looks like the game could star Sylas on a quest to save Demacia. Demacia is one of the kingdoms in League of Legends and has often been described as a kingdom in turmoil. Sylas is a champion that was added to League of Legends in early 2019. Also known as Sylas the Unshackled, the League of Legends character’s basic attack spins chains around him, damaging nearby enemies.

His outfit could lend itself nicely to an action title, with chain whips evoking memories of Kratos from God of War or Simon Belmont from Castlevania. The character also uses magical stone and steel attacks, and as the character grows, Sylas can also divert the powers of opponents. We’ll have to wait and see what the game looks like when and if it’s officially revealed.

This leaked title isn’t the only League of Legends spin-off we know about. Project L is Riot’s League of Legends fighting game that recently resurfaced with new gameplay. The fighting game he will be free to playand Riot called the game will not reward players with NFT. And, players are also looking at Convergence: A Leageue of Legends Story, which will be released sometime in 2023.

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