A strange Ted Lasso is coming to FIFA 23

A strange Ted Lasso is coming to FIFA 23

The latest from EA Fifa The football franchise will not only feature your favorite current players, but will also feature the fictional team from the hit AppleTV show Ted Lasso. And the character himself will be a playable trainer in the next game, with a fully moped Jason Sudeikis to bounce alongside your team, waving his arms around, and do everything a football coach even does.

Today, a few minutes apart, the officials Ted Lasso and Fifa Twitter accounts have revealed a minute-long trailer that defines Lasso’s playable appearance in the game. Characterized as an unlikely football genius whose knowledge of the game may be rare, but who is a coach nonetheless performing quite well, a CGI Jason Sudeikis walks onto a virtual pitch before cheering, pointing and cheering for victory. In the trailer, we also get a glimpse of (fictional) football journalist Trent Crimm, Coach Beard, and several AFC Richmond stars, including Roy Kent and Jaime Tartt.

You can find all the details of the Ted Lasso / FIFA 23 crossing in Official announcement from EA.

This revelation was teased a bit yesterday when the Ted Lasso The Twitter account tweeted a photo of Sudeikis standing in front of an array of cameras and lights. “Careful, Mario! the tweet read, “You’re not the only pixelated man with a mustache who never knows where the tube is taking him.” Before that, as Gamer on PC Remarksleaked database rankings for the game hinted at the crossover.

While it’s a fittingly themed crossover, fleshed out by the inclusion of the full AFC Richmond squad – which you’ll be able to play as in any mode – looking at the footage, it’s hard to avoid that creepy weird valley feeling. Especially as the camera moves around Lasso’s face at the end of the trailer, revealing him in full 3D polygonal form, something is wrong. This poor (and kind and surprisingly emotionally intelligent) man.

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