Adam Sandler recovering from hip surgery using a walking stick

Adam Sandler recovering from hip surgery using a walking stick

People confirm that Adam Sandler is recovering after undergoing hip surgery on Labor Day.

representative of Accelerates Starr, 56, maintains that the planned action was not due to a sudden injury or a medical emergency, but was specifically identified between projects. He has since used a stick to help with mobility.

The actor was recently photographed walking a cane in Los Angeles while outing with his wife, actress, Jackie Sandler. The couple share daughters Sunny, 13, and Sadie, 16.

He is recovering but is still scheduled to begin his next 15-day comedy tour on October 21.

the background

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While it’s unclear what prompted the hip surgery, earlier this year Sandler spoke out about an injury that caused movement problems.

In June, Sandler said Entertainment tonight that he sustained an injury while filming the basketball drama, Acceleratesin which he portrays a scout for the Philadelphia 76ers who dreams of being a coach in the NBA.

While filming the Netflix movie, the actor said he often played basketball with his NBA teammates before accidentally hurting his thigh.

“We’ve had some of that, but that’s before I put my thigh in,” he told outlets. “There was one night my thighs couldn’t stand it anymore, and then I said, ‘I think I’ll watch these guys go.'”

Sandler admitted that the injury was “too bad” and noted that “it’s already been a year and I’m still lame like an asshole… It’s awful.”

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