Alabama 'mourning' after Darius Miles charged with murder

Alabama ‘mourning’ after Darius Miles charged with murder

Alabama head coach Nate Oats said the Crimson Tide are going through “sort of the grieving process” after player Darius Miles and another man were charged with capital murder following a fatal shooting near Alabama. from campus.

Speaking at a news conference, Oats said he could not discuss any details related to the case. He said that he spoke to Miles’s mother several times and met with the team that night.

“I thought it was important that we all be here to support each other in this situation,” Oats said.

Tuscaloosa Violent Crimes Unit Capt. Jack Kennedy said the shooting occurred on the Strip, a student-oriented shopping district near the Tuscaloosa campus. He said Jamea Harris, 23, of the Birmingham area, was shot and killed.

Miles, 21, a reserve junior forward from Washington, D.C., and Michael Lynn Davis, 20, of Charles County, Maryland, have been charged with capital murder. The capital murder charge arose because the death involved shooting at a vehicle, Kennedy said.

Oats said the team met again and would practice later that day before a game at Vanderbilt.

“They didn’t have too many questions,” Oats said of the players. “It really is more of a grieving process of sorts. I mean, they understand the gravity of the situation with Jamea. They also understand the gravity of the situation with Darius. There are both sides of this, dealing with it.”

“So yeah, it’s not something you go through often as a coach, but I think we have the services across the program to help us manage the situation.”

The university said in a statement that Miles “has been removed from campus” and is no longer on the team.

Lawyers William White, Clayton Tartt and Suzanne Norman, of Birmingham-based law firm Boles Holmes White, issued a statement on Miles’s behalf, saying he and his family “are heartbroken” by Harris’ death.

“While Darius has been charged with involvement in this tragedy, he maintains his innocence and looks forward to his day in court,” they said. “Our firm’s own investigation is ongoing and no further comment will be made at this time.”

Kennedy said no bond would initially be set in the case. He said defense attorneys could request a probable cause hearing in Tuscaloosa County District Court and a judge could consider bail later.

Miles had appeared in just six games this year, averaging 1.5 points. The team had announced that he would miss the rest of the season with an ankle injury.

He had also wasted time earlier this year with what had been described as a personal matter. Oats said Miles returned to Washington to deal with that issue, but that he “had nothing to do” with the weekend charges.

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