Arizona State clears No. 3 in Pac-12 after defeating Oregon in Eugene

Arizona State clears No. 3 in Pac-12 after defeating Oregon in Eugene

The Arizona State Sun Devils are a problem for USC. They clearly lead the Trojans in the battle for a possible third place in the Pac-12 NCAA Tournament.

Arizona State entered Eugene on Thursday and throttled the Oregon Ducks, 90-73. While the loss is devastating for Oregon, it puts ASU in a much more favorable position for a potential NCAA Tournament bid.

Ducks Wire covered the game:

“Once again, the Ducks put together a lackluster display of basketball effort and shooting that would draw quicker comparisons to a YMCA run than a D1 basketball game,” wrote Ducks Wire’s Zachary Neel. “Oregon finished the game shooting 42% from the field and allowed the Sun Devils to make 13 3-pointers, shooting 52% from the ground overall.

“It was another brutal loss for the Ducks in a season in which there has been more than one.”

Arizona State is currently the Pac-12’s best chance for a third NCAA bid after UCLA and Arizona, the top two teams in the conference. USC and Utah are vying for a position below the Sun Devils. Utah was crushed by UCLA on Thursday night, while USC beat Colorado. If USC beats Utah on Saturday, the Trojans would improve their position relative to the Utes and could focus more on catching Arizona State.

Colorado and Oregon took big steps back Thursday, reinforcing the reality that the Pac-12 has only three teams with a realistic shot at an at-large bid outside of UCLA and Arizona: USC, Arizona State and Utah. USC could close in on Utah with a win on Saturday. The Trojans have a lot of work to do to catch ASU.


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The story originally appeared on Trojans Wire

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