Backstage news about Saraya's health before signing AEW

Backstage news about Saraya’s health before signing AEW

Saraya (Faca Paige) shocked the wrestling world this week with her appearance in “AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam,” making her surprise debut for the company by hitting the ring and staring at Brett Baker. However, since that point, there have been questions swirling about Saraya’s health, and whether she was given medical clearance to compete again after a neck injury that forced her to retire.

In a recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it was reported that until very recently, the former WWE Divas Champion was not allowed to wrestle. She has not competed in the ring since a live event in December of 2017 where she sustained a career-ending injury in a six-women’s tag team match, and while she appeared in various roles for WWE after that, the company had a rule that no one was allowed to touch.

It was noticed that she wasn’t physically fit during her AEW debut, but this may simply be because the company wants to postpone it for another big reaction in the future. AEW added her to the official roster page on their website, and she has a win/loss record, which could indicate that there are plans for her to get into the ring at some point.

Saraya’s contract with WWE expired earlier this year in June, and throughout 2022, she teased the wrestling world with the idea that she could put her shoes on again, as Natalya added fuel to the fire when she responded to one of Saraya’s Instagram posts, claiming she couldn’t wait. to wrestle her again. However, as of now, it is not known if this is a possibility, and neither Tony Khan nor Saraya themselves have commented on the matter yet.

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