Ballack says Union can win Bundesliga

Ballack says Union can win Bundesliga

Former Bayern Munich midfielder Michael Ballack says Union Berlin winning a notable title is not out of the question.

Speaking to Germany’s Sportbild magazine in an interview published on Wednesday, Ballack reflected on his experience with Kaiserslautern in 1997-98, which won the Bundesliga title the year they were promoted to the top division.

“Dreaming is allowed. Why not?” said Ballack, who played for Kaiserlautern before joining Bayern and then moving on to Bayer Leverkusen and Chelsea.

“I experienced that with Kaiserslautern in 1998 when we became champions after promotion.

“Or there is the example of Leicester, who surprisingly won the Premier League title in 2016.

Union is leader of the Bundesliga after seven games and is the only undefeated team in the league.

In just their fourth season in the top division, the Union have picked up 17 of a possible 21 points so far this season, including a 1-1 draw against Bayern Munich.

Union finished 11th in his first season in the upper grade and followed with seventh and fifth places.

“They’ve had really good seasons and (taken) their chances, and they’ve gotten better every time,” Ballack said.

Ballack, who has also won league titles at Chelsea and Bayern Munich, said Union’s momentum could lead them to the unlikely prize.

“You can play yourself into a frenzy that will carry you through the season.

“That was the case with us (Kaiserslautern) at the time (and) it was the case with Leicester.”

Ballack praised Berlin’s Swiss coach Urs Fischer.

“A top manager. Union and Fischer – fits like a glove”.

Currently back in the second Bundesliga, Kaiserslautern remain the only Bundesliga club to have won the title in the year they were promoted.


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