Belle and Sebastian: Late Developer Review: A Rewarding Return To Form | Bella and Sebastian

When Belle and Sebastian released a bit of the above in May, they did not let it be known that they had recorded a second new album at the same time. While last year’s effort was a bit disappointing, late developers – released with little fanfare – is much more pleasant, displaying a lightness of touch and genuine pop nous.

Opener Juliet Naked is reminiscent of a more tuneful early Billy Bragg in its stripped-down urgency; Will I Tell You a Secret is the kind of suave fantasy Donovan made his own in the late 1960s When We Were Very Young, with his longing lyric “I wish I could be happy with football scores / I wish I could be happy with daily chores,” is a kitchen sink drama, while So in the Moment is gleefully irresistible.

However, things unravel a bit on the new single, I Don’t Know What You See in Me, their ecstatic synthpop falling on the wrong side of that fine line between likable and cloying. Yet, late developers marks a true return to form and is the band’s most rewarding album since 2006 the search of life.

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