Cardi B recalls the moment she and Offset found out about Takeoff's death

Cardi B recalls the moment she and Offset found out about Takeoff’s death

Cardi B is reflecting on the difficult moment when she and her husband Offset learned of the tragic death of their Migos bandmate and cousin Takeoff.

The “WAP” rapper, 30, opened up about the pain she and Offset, 31, have been dealing with since Takeoff’s fatal shooting on November 1, revealing they were sleeping when they heard the news.

Cardi said in The Jason Lee Podcast that the couple was supposed to go to a Halloween party in New York that night, but stayed home after their 4-year-old daughter Kulture vomited on Cardi’s costume.

“We fell asleep and out of nowhere, Offset’s phone kept ringing, my phone kept ringing,” he recalled. “Offset picked up the phone and he [was] like, ‘Noooo,’ and he [was] screaming and yelling. I’m like, ‘What’s going on?’ and he says, ‘Takeoff is dead.

The star said she didn’t believe the news at first and felt “terrible” when things started to sink in.

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“I slapped him and said, ‘Don’t say that! Don’t say that!’ and then he [was] I was just screaming and throwing things, throwing up, running everywhere and being so scared,” she said. “She was crying a lot. It was terrible.”

Cardi added that the aftermath was “such a sensitive time” at home, as she and Offset found “every little bad thing” to be deeply “triggering”.

Offset was a member of Migos along with Takeoff (real name Kirsnick Khari Ball) and Quavo, but in recent years he had been pursuing solo projects. Still, Cardi said that her trio was a huge inspiration to her during her rise to fame and that she’s grateful for the time she spent with them.

“I feel like I’m so happy that I experienced all those great moments when they were all together and everything,” he told Lee. “It’s a great memory. Sometimes I can’t even hear Culture because I get excited. I love you forever.”

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Cardi, Offset, and Quavo have been open about their ongoing grief in the months since Takeoff’s death, and in December, Offset wrote on Twitter that it “wasn’t easy faking smiles and shit.” He also said that he was “trying to keep walking with his head held high.”

Quavo, meanwhile, released the song “Without You” earlier this month in which he chronicles his immense grief and reflects on the ways the loss would shape the rest of his life.

“I miss the way you smile at me / Unc and Phew to infinity,” sings Quavo, referencing the musical nickname the duo used after they parted ways with Offset. “I wish I had a time machine / So you could take a walk with me / Wrap me in my arms and hold you tight / So you can never say goodbye to me.”

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