Check out this iPhone 15 Pro Max/Ultra Concept Render (VIDEO)

Check out this iPhone 15 Pro Max/Ultra Concept Render (VIDEO)

The render may be based on leaked photos, sketches, computer blueprints, or rumors about the specs of a future device. The concept render mixes up some of the specs that have leaked through the rumor mill and adds features that the creator would like to see in the phone. With that in mind, Antonio De Rosa of ADR Studios created a concept render of the top-of-the-line iPhone 15, which could be called the iPhone 15 Pro Max or iPhone 15 Pro Max. iPhone 15 ultra.
De Rosa, creator of the concept render, told Cult of Mac: “The role of a concept designer is not only to report all rumors and turn them into something visual. Sometimes thinking outside the box can set you free.” The artist has created a slimmer 0.29-inch device compared to the 0.31-inch width of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. A concept rendering of the iPhone 15 Pro Max/Ultra includes a periscope lens that folds up inside the body of the phone and reflects light from the lens off the prisms to the image sensor.

The concept render of the iPhone 15 Pro Max/Ultra includes a titanium body and a periscope lens.

When the periscope lens is folded sideways inside the body of the phone, the use of prisms makes it possible to increase the focal length even on a sleek phone. This allows the device to provide 5-10x optical zoom.
You probably noticed the rounded edges on De Rosa’s concept render, and a recent rumor that the iPhone 15 Pro models will have a titanium build is mentioned in the creator’s video. De Rosa also highlights solid-state buttons, which none other than TF International analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said will be used to replace the physical power and volume buttons on the same premium models. The phones will use their Taptic engines to make the user feel like they have pressed a physical button. The creator of the concept render called it “butterfly buttons” in his video.

New design features include rounded corners, solid buttons, and a thinner camera bump.

You’ll notice a new rear camera array design with a thinner camera bump. The module placement remains in the upper left corner of the rear panel. De Rosa also mentions Dynamic Island, which is expected to appear on all four iPhone 15 models this year. The 3nm A17 Bionic will run on iPhone 15 Pro models, and depending on what Qualcomm and MediaTek decide, the two premium 2023 iPhone models could be the only phones from a major manufacturer to feature a 3nm chipset this year.
Technology node numbers are now just a way to promote the latest generation of advanced chips. However, the lower the process node number, the greater the number of transistors on the chip. This is vital because the more transistors a chip has, the more powerful and energy efficient it is.

For example, the 7nm A13 Bionic SoC that was under the hood of the 2019 iPhone 11 series contained 8.5 billion transistors. The A16 Bionic found in the 2022 iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max is manufactured using a 4nm process, and each chip contains about 16 billion transistors.

It’s high time for the iPhone to upgrade and rise in price. The 2023 iPhone 15 series may not look like De Rosa’s concept, but it may look different than what we’ve seen. Apple over the past few years.

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