Chris Jericho breaks the code in the ROH World Championship match

Chris Jericho breaks the code in the ROH World Championship match

Wednesday night saw All Elite Wrestling’s annual Grand Slam release of “Dynamite.” The stack card included matches for the AEW World, Tag Team, Women’s and All-Atlantic Championships. While not only AEW titles are at stake, the Ring of Honor World Championship was also at stake. Having successfully defended the title against names like Dax Harwood and Konosuke Takeshita, Claudio Castagnoli prepared to defend his championship against “magician” Chris Jericho. This time, Jericho cracked Code Castagnoli.

Jericho opened the match Honor Code Rejection And shut things down by giving Castagnoli a low blow, Jericho managed to become Le Champion again. ROH longtime broadcaster Ian Ricappone was miserable at the comment.

“A cloud of shame covered the World Championships with the Ring of Honor,” Ricappone said.

With his victory, Jericho won the eighth world championship in his career. It’s Jericho’s first championship since Jon Moxley defeated him for the AEW World Championship all the way back in the pay-per-view revolution in early 2020.

A Jericho win brings more gold to the Jericho Appreciation Society. Teammates Sami Guevara and Tay Mello captured the AAA World Mixed Tag Team Championship and Daniel Garcia recently won the Ring of Honor Pure Championship. Speaking of the pure hero, Garcia is seen, reluctantly, partying with JAS. This may come as a surprise to some, because over the past few weeks, a rift has seemed to be slowly forming between Jericho and Garcia. Although everything looked good on the set of Jericho, as they stood tall in New York City on Wednesday night.

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