Col. Stan Valchek was for the 83rd Corps - Deadline

Col. Stan Valchek was for the 83rd Corps – Deadline

Al Brown, who played Colonel Stan Valchek on the hit TV series the wire, He passed away on Friday at the age of 83. His talent manager announced the death of the late actor on the official Facebook page.

Brown’s daughter Jenny also told TMZ that her father passed away in Las Vegas from complications from Alzheimer’s disease.

“I am saddened to tell you that the angels came for Al yesterday morning, Friday, January 13, 2023,” the Facebook statement said. “May his memory be a blessing to his family, friends, and each and every one of you. This page will remain as a testament to Al’s work and his love for his fans.”

Brown has also starred in TV shows such as Save Me, Forensic Files, Law & Order: SVU, Commander in Chief, And crook. He also had roles in films Alternatives, 12 Monkeys, Favorite Mode, Red Dragon And Liberty Heights.

Prior to acting, he was a veteran who served two tours in Vietnam.

Among the survivors are his children. No memorial plans have been announced.

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