Collins in the midst of being wired

Collins in the midst of being wired

JACKSON, Miss. (WDAM) – A good portion of the Collins market could find itself with high-speed broadband Internet access in the very near future.

TEC, a leading broadband provider, has initiated a project to bring fast fiber Internet availability to the Collins area of ​​Covington County.

The 42-mile project will provide high-speed Internet access to more than 400 customers.

The Collins wiring is another step in TEC’s plan to provide more than 23,000 families and businesses in Mississippi with access to services such as distance learning and telemedicine.

TEC was one of 386 companies competing in the Federal Communications Commission’s auction, which awarded $9 billion in November 2020 to companies for the provision of broadband Internet in underserved and underserved areas across the United States.

TEC, with the help of the FCC, will fund the construction and delivery of broadband access to 10 counties in Mississippi, including Covington and Jasper counties.

“We are very excited to see TEC expand into Covington County and learn how beneficial it will be to our members,” said Jan Collins, vice president of communications for Southern Pine Electric in Taylorsville.

“With fast fiber Internet, we will have better access to many opportunities, including better health care, more educational opportunities, and the opportunity to enjoy the Internet as it was meant to be.”

TEC employs more than 200 people in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and Louisiana. TEC has invested and maintains over 1,700 miles of fiber in its rural markets.

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