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Community Focus: Kujay > News

Happy Friday Guardians! Welcome back to one of our favorite segments on, this week’s Community Focus! This week we’re talking to a content creator who has a pretty awesome day job, Kujay!

Hi Kujay! Thank you for taking the time to chat with us! So let’s start with a little background. Who are you, what are your pronouns and where are you from?

Hi, my name is Kujay (he/she). I’m an aircraft designer by day and a Destiny content creator until nightfall! I grew up in a small town in eastern Kansas before moving to Southern California after college.

Wait, aircraft designer? Yeah, we’ll have to touch on that in a moment. But first, what got you into games and content creation?

I started gaming at a very young age, when I was only four years old. I had just started kindergarten and there was a Super Nintendo that all the kids could play with. The first game I played was Yoshi’s Island (still an amazing game to this day!), and good lord, I was instantly hooked! Fast forward about 20 years, and after moving to SoCal, I found myself with a lot more free time than I was used to during school (aerospace engineering classes are no joke!). Then shortly after Rise of Iron came out, a streaming friend of mine started asking me about trying streaming for myself. After pushing it for a few months, I finally gave in and bought a PS4 webcam. I’ve found that streaming is a lot of fun (and something I’m really good at), so much so that I’ve been doing it for almost six years now!

Sounds like my kind of kindergarten. 😊 Okay, big question here — how the hell do you balance both a full-time job and content creation?

Over the years, it has been difficult to balance my professional career with the content creation side of my life. In the early years, I used to stream a lot more, going into streams every Friday through Monday (usually involving a lot of Trials of Osiris support!). However, as the years passed and the responsibilities of my day job began to increase, I began to reduce the amount of content I was putting out. I’ve started to focus more on YouTube in the last couple of years because it’s something I can do “on the fly” instead of having the camera rolling for a live stream. And on the Twitch side of the house, I’m mostly a “weekend warrior” now, only streaming on Saturdays and Sundays. It’s been hard juggling the two sides of my life, but also IMMENSELY rewarding. How many people end up designing airplanes during the week and then come home to a successful stream and YouTube channel on the weekend? It’s something I don’t take for granted!

Gosh, that sounds like such a wild ride and it sounds like you did a great job maintaining it. So you mentioned Yoshi’s Island, but how did you find it Destiny?

So, interestingly enough, I actually took quite a long break from gaming when Destiny he came calling. After picking up Skyrim my senior year of high school, I didn’t play much during my freshman or sophomore year of college. However, I was drawn back by the PS4 remaster of The Last of Us (an AMAZING game by the way!), which I never had a chance to play when it was originally released. And then, as “fate” (wink), a few days after I finished The last of usi got an email from sony inviting me to play the next one Destiny alpha. I was always more of a Call of duty kid growing up, but a lot of my childhood friends were MASSIVE Hate fans. When I asked them about Bungie’s next project with Destinythey all encouraged me to try it, describing the game as a mashup of Call of duty, Hateand “Space Skyrim.” I decided to try the alpha shortly after and was instantly hooked. The gunplay was by far the best I’ve ever experienced. And now, over eight years later, I’m still just as helplessly addicted to Destiny as it was the first time I had ever landed in the Cosmodrome.

A player from day one, love to see him! What type of content do you like to focus on when streaming or making videos?

I like to focus on end game content Destiny, with more emphasis on the PvP side, be it Trials of Osiris or Iron Banner. I also love GM Nightfalls and raids and especially enjoy the first day raid experiences with my group!

It’s super cool! Endgame content can be so challenging, so having content creators like yourself helping to teach and shepherd others is really cool to see. For those newer players, what is something you wish you knew before you started, or at least at the beginning Destiny travel?

Honestly, I wish someone had told me how well I would be absorbed by Destiny universe and the wider Bungie community. How am I still playing the same game after eight years?! Hahaha, just kidding =). But in all seriousness, I wish I knew how important it was to find a solid group of people to play with Destiny with. I played solo for a decent amount of time during vanilla D1 before finding my way to the LFG (Looking for Group) websites. If I hadn’t been captured by the magic of the OG Vault of Glass, there’s a good chance I would have stopped playing Destiny in those early days. The game is much more fun to play when you have friends to jump into harder content with and bounce builds and ideas off of. Because of this, I’m incredibly excited that the Guardian Ranks and Fireteam Finder in the game are coming to Destiny 2 next year. I believe these will serve as catalysts for thousands of players to start forming their own friend groups and unlock the true “endgame” Destiny.

Hell yeah! With the end game content in mind, do you have any advice for players looking to improve their skills as a player?

If you are someone who wants to dive deeper into the endgame experiences Destiny and improve your skills, the best thing you can do is contact other players and start building a group of friends to play with Destiny with. While Destiny can be played solo, the game’s full potential is realized when you have an established group of people to lean on, both in casual PvE environments and deep in the trenches of Trials. Teamwork makes the dream really work, and over time you’ll become a better player when you collaborate with other like-minded players.

Okay, time to ask what your favorite main character and subclass is?

I’m probably going to cause a lot of anger here, but Hunter is my main character and I’ve been hopelessly addicted to Stompees for almost five years. Going all the way back to Modern Warfare 2, my favorite way to play FPS games has always been about speed, speed and more speed! To that end, I am absolutely in love with the Arc 3.0 Hunter. Speed ​​Booster is just the *chef’s kiss* and Gathering Storm might be the hottest Super in the game right now. We used to use Arcstrider from seasons 2 through 8, so it was amazing to come home to my old baby with Arc 3.0!

Yes, going fast in video games is always fun! 😊 What kind of vibe does your channel maintain?

My channel tends to walk the line between being both entertaining and educational. In a moment, we will dive deep into history Of destiny universe and start speculating about future stories. Then the next, something completely ridiculous will happen in a Crucible match (at the expense of my opponent OR myself, both of which happen often!). We’ll often talk about builds or the state of the game as a whole, all while keeping things pretty light with plenty of laughs along the way. Like my work-life balance and content creation, my channel thrives on its duality of education and entertainment.

Entertaining and educational while keeping it quiet? Sounds like my place!

Okay, it’s time to wrap up our interview, but I wanted to ask you because you’ve been really inspirational so far in our conversation. What is something you want to make sure every New Light knows when they join the ranks of the Guardians?

With the current New Light experience, it can feel overwhelming once you finish your introduction to the Cosmodrome. You are called to Towe and presented with quest after quest. My advice would be to pick just ONE of these quests and go it alone. By the time you finish that first mission, there’s a good chance you’ll have tried out some new weapons, increased your Power a bit, and generally gotten a feel for the game loop. Destiny. And once most people get that far, the game alone is usually enough to convince them!

For more specific tips, 1000% start using Destiny Item Manager for a massively improved inventory experience. That, and be sure to check in with Ada-1 every day for those sweet, sweet battle modes!

And finally, where can people find you?

I stream on Twitch every Saturday and Sunday morning with the occasional YouTube video upload. I am also very active in his country Twitterwith plenty of hot ads and shenanigans to entertain just about anyone!
Thank you so much Kujay for hanging out with me! Please make sure to check out his channels and follow him if you vibe with his content. If you haven’t checked out the latest Community Focus with Leyla, you can do so now! And until next time, keep tagging us with your Community Focus recommendations on our social channels.

Stay cunning, Guardians!


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