Companies producing the most startup founders, visualized

Companies producing the most startup founders, visualized

In 2021, the US saw a record 5.4 million new business apps, and as the visualization below shows, the majority of employees launching their own start-ups seem to come from just a handful of companies.

To find out which US companies produce the most start-up founders, OnDeck listed the 100 largest companies in each state, then analyzed the LinkedIn profiles of employees from each to see if they had founded or co-founded their own business. .

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Key results:

  • Bain & Company produces more startup founders than any other company studied. Thirteen percent of former employees at the international management consulting firm have left to launch their own businesses.

  • More former Twitter staffers become founders after leaving (6.17 percent) than at any other tech company.

  • Six of the ten companies that produce the highest percentage of company founders are consulting firms.

Via OnDeck.

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