Criteo unveils 'Commerce Max' to scale retailer audiences across open internet

Criteo Unveils ‘Commerce Max’ to Scale Retail Audiences Across the Open Internet

Criteo, the commerce media company, today announced the launch of Commerce Max, an all-in-one, self-service demand-side platform (DSP) for enterprise marketers built for scale and powered by Criteo’s leading retail media and programmatic capabilities.

With Commerce Max, brands and agencies not only have the ability to find valuable audiences on retailer sites through sponsored ads and on-site display, but also expand these audiences off-site through programmatic internet inventory. open, unlike any other DSP today. Thanks to Criteo’s access to over four billion product SKUs, thousands of global media publisher relationships and 150 retail partnerships, marketers now have a unique opportunity to access our leading optimization models to create and drive commercial performance.

Driving these unique audiences, Criteo’s predictive AI identifies the best path to conversion, eliminating guesswork and driving better advertising results with purchase accuracy. Commerce Max also gives marketers the data they need to understand what works, why and how, in near real time through unified reporting and closed-loop measurement, including product-level sales attribution.

Commerce Max entered Alpha in the first half of 2022 with two key Criteo clients: leading consumer electronics retailer Best Buy and world’s leading media investment firm GroupM.

Keith Bryan, Best Buy Senior Vice President, President, Ads, Media and CRM, Best Buy commented, “Best Buy has seen impressive results through our partnership with Criteo, so helping them test their new Commerce Max solution was a natural next step as we look to stay ahead of the retail media market and expand our offering.”

Through this market test, an off-site advertising campaign was run that leveraged proprietary data to target Best Buy’s audience on the open web and drive measurable product purchases on the Best Buy website.
Criteo’s acquisition of IPONWEB has also accelerated the development of Commerce Max, along with the full suite of Commerce Media Platform solutions that will be unveiled at Criteo’s Investor Day on October 31.

“For years, businesses around the world have relied on our trusted business media platform to harness the power of business media and drive sales,” said Brian Gleason, Chief Revenue Officer at Criteo. “With the recent acquisition of IPONWEB, we are now positioned to offer a unified AI-powered platform that will help our enterprise clients like Best Buy and GroupM run impactful, addressable media campaigns at the largest scale possible.”
Commerce Max has limited availability with plans to roll out in select key markets in 2023, it added.

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