Dallas Cowboys v Washington Football Team

DirecTV is changing Dak Prescott’s jersey color from blue to purple at the request of the NFL

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You’ve probably seen, once or twice or more, the DirecTV commercial featuring Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott and members of various Real Housewives performances. The ad does not include team names or logos, meaning DirecTV cut a check to Prescott but not to his employer, the Dallas Cowboys.

Recently, you may have noticed a subtle change in advertising. While watching last night’s games on both ESPN and Amazon (the commercial aired during both West Virginia-Virginia Tech and Steelers-Browns), my son pointed out that Dak’s jersey is now purple . Previously it was blue.

“Your son has a good eye,” a league spokesman told PFT. “I asked DirecTV to change it and they did, which I appreciated.”

The blue jersey in the original ad looked too much like the Cowboys’ “home” blue jersey, which the Cowboys rarely wear at home. However, the politeness in changing the color stopped with shirts. There are other blues left in the uniform worn by Dak’s generic team, such as the socks.

DirecTV is in the final year of its Sunday Ticket package with the NFL. DirecTV pays $1.5 billion a year for the rights to do this. Obviously, that wasn’t enough to get the NFL to give DirecTV a pass when it comes to the potential resemblance of Dak’s fictional uniform to the real one.

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