Florence B Publications Don't Worry Baby Greetings, Olivia Wilde Photo

Florence B Publications Don’t Worry Baby Greetings, Olivia Wilde Photo

Don’t Worry, Baby star Florence Pugh took to Instagram to write a heartfelt tribute to the movie on its release date, as well as sharing a bunch of behind-the-scenes photos of the shoot, including one with director Olivia Wilde.

“He’s here…and ready to be seen,” Pugh wrote. “dontworrydarling in movie theaters! We met a lot of talented people, visited some crazy spots, worked really hard in the desert dust and looked so good while doing it. (Thanks to @hebathormakeup, @jaimeleigh.hair and ariannephillips).

“Thank you to all who have bought tickets and to those who have already seen them – whenever I watch amazing and impressive movie moments on huge screens, I always remind myself that there is a boom within inches of the frame I am watching. Or marks on the floor below the waists of the actors. It is crazy to think that every setting And a scene that takes a good part of the day to execute, and in this..there was so much to do!

Explosions, car chases, cocktail balancing, underwater sequences, running, drinking, more running..
This movie was an epic story on such a wide range of shooting, all during prime times of Covid. So I will always be grateful. To everyone who helped make this, your dedication and love were seen daily – thank you.

“With that, here are some photos I took from this time. More to come! #dontworrydarling.”

Despite rumors of a feud with Buff and Wilde on the set of “Darling”, the latter denied any contact with them. diverse story cover.

“We are all close to the production bubble,” Wilde said, praising Pugh and [co-star Harry] Styles as proxy partners. “She was really a huge supporter of him as someone new on the set of movies. And he was a huge supporter of her, as someone who understood that it was her movie.”

“Don’t Worry Baby” grossed $3.1 million at the box office from Thursday night previews.

See Pugh’s full post below, which I quickly followed up with another set of photos.

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