Anand Mahindra, who is the third generation scion of the Mahindra clan has 9.7 million followers on Twitter

From Colgate candles to IKEA pens, Anand Mahindra shares important business lessons

Anand Mahindra, a third generation descendant of the Mahindra clan, has taken the family business to new heights.

During his tenure, the Group expanded domestically and internationally in a variety of major industry sectors, from automobiles and agriculture to IT and aerospace.

An alumnus of Harvard Business School and Harvard University, Mahindra is also famous for his generous and humble nature. The billionaire is often seen interacting with his 9.7 million Twitter followers.

In a recent Twitter post, Mahindra shared some meaningful ‘entrepreneurial’ lessons for their Twitter followers. He shared a list of famous global companies and his first products. Some of them are over 50 years old. Interestingly, these companies are now famous in completely different categories. For example, Nokia, whose first product was toilet paper, is now one of the largest telephone companies in the world.

Similarly, Mahindra shared a ‘fascinating’ list of other companies, adding that it “shows how entrepreneurs are flexible and pivot when the opportunity arises.”

  • Sony: electric rice cookers
  • Samsung: fruit and fish
  • Lego: wooden toy ducks
  • Colgate: candles
  • Toyota: looms
  • Nintendo: playing cards
  • Tiffany & Co: Stationery
  • Hasbro: Textiles
  • IKEA: pens
  • Wrigleys: soap
  • avon: books
  • DuPont: gunpowder

Furthermore, Mahindra added that the list is also a personal learning as it teaches us: “Don’t be afraid of change. You don’t have to stay attached to what you originally started doing. Evolution is life!” added Mahindra.

The tweet was liked by more than 1,200 people and has received more than 100 comments.

One user welcomed Nokia’s success, writing, “I can’t believe a company that started out making toilet paper later became one of the world’s best-selling smartphone brands!

It’s an amazing transition!”

Another user agreed with Anand Mahindra, writing: “The entrepreneur must be opportunistic but must focus on quality standards.”

Interestingly, a user asked the president of M&M about Mahindra’s first product.

The industrialist replied: “Steel trading. And we are still in business through Mahindra Accelo…”.

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