Google Stadia's final game, released today, is a piece of history

Google Stadia’s final game, released today, is a piece of history

Image: Google

If you haven’t heard, Google Stadia closes and closes shop next week. But before that, the never-failing game streaming service offered a nice (and free) little gift that you can play for just a few days before everything goes offline.

Launched in 2019, Google Stadia was an expensive and massive investment by Google in the world of video games. Powered by the cloud, aka a bunch of off-site servers and computers, Stadia’s big promise was instant gaming on the go. No more updates or expensive consoles. And while it sometimes worked, the high cost of games, lack of features, small library and internet costs ended up dooming the service. Sure, some superfans have logged thousands of hours into itbut for most, it just wasn’t what they wanted or needed from a video game platform.

So it was no surprise that last September, Google has announced the end of Stadia. In five days, on January 18, the video game streaming service will shut down. With the end so close, it seemed unlikely that Stadia would receive any new game releases. However, Google has published one last game. But don’t expect any RPG or big open-world remake. Instead, the latest Stadia game is Game of wormsan internally developed title used to test Stadia long before it became a public service.

We were probably never meant to see or play this snake-like test game, as it has rather rudimentary graphics and rather ugly menus. But in the final days of Stadia, it seems that the developers working on the project were able to give its community one last treat. Even better, anyone can play Game of worms because it’s free. (Which makes sense considering The Stadia Store is already down.)

The game’s store page has this beautiful and emotional description of the game and what it was used for:

Play the game that came to Stadia before Stadia came to the world. “Worm Game” is a humble title that we used to test many of Stadia’s features, starting well before the public launch in 2019, right up to 2022. It won’t win Game of the Year, but the Stadia team spent a lot of time playing it. and we thought we’d share it with you. Thanks for the game and everything.

It is Game of worms something incredibly important or amazing? Not quite, not exactly. However, it’s still really cool to get a behind-the-scenes look thanks to the videos as well Game of wormsthis little piece of test software will somehow be preserved for people to look back on years from now.

In other exciting End Of Stadia news, Google has confirmed that starting next week, it will begin allowing players to unlock the working Bluetooth of his Stadia controller.

This is a nice way to make the controller – which has one of my favorite modern D-pads – more useful and easier to connect to multiple devices. I doubt the developers who worked on Stadia for years planned for the controller to be the only thing left of Stadia in 2023, but here we are.

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