Google Tasks will soon become your favorite reminder management app

Google Tasks will soon become your favorite reminder management app

Assistant and Calendar reminders will disappear forever

It’s not the first time Google has used multiple apps for the same purpose. Whether it’s messaging tools, email clients, or video chat platforms, the availability of such services can be confusing for end users. One by one, Google is slowly cleaning up its software division, shutting down Hangouts and Duo with more popular and modern replacements. Today, you can add another category to your list: to-do lists.


After months of rumors and leaks, Google has announced plans to replace assistant reminders with tasks. The company is finally doubling down on a single service by bringing Assistant and Calendar Reminders to its Workspace-friendly app. Once launched, you can ask the assistant to create a reminder that will automatically appear in tasks. They will appear in the Android app next to the web sidebar, so you won’t be locked into using one type of device. Even though Tasks is a fairly basic experience right now, especially after its latest redesign was released, this add-on might be enough to make the app worth downloading.

Of course, this is a Google product, so it’s not quite ready for prime time yet. Google says it will integrate Assistant with Tasks in the coming months. This could mean a release date in early 2023, although a rollout before the end of the year seems possible. Google will save it as an option to run before all reminders, including existing ones, are sent to Tasks. Once these task-based reminders are ready, you’ll be prompted when using Assistant or Calendar to try them out, according to the company.

Google says the ability to create calendar reminders will be gone with this update, and Goals will also be gone in November. If you are a Keep user, nothing will change for you as the two apps will remain separate for the foreseeable future. After all, it wouldn’t be a Google service without a little confusion.

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