Have you been wearing your bra wrong?  Lingerie expert divides the internet the 'correct' way

Have you been wearing your bra wrong? Lingerie expert divides the internet the ‘correct’ way

It’s a burning question for anyone who has ever worn a bra: fasten it in the front of your body, then twist it into place, or fasten it after you’re done. in the place?

A no-nonsense British lingerie expert has gotten to the heart of the matter, and it seems many of us have gotten it wrong.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Lingerie expert demonstrates the proper way to put on a bra.

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Kelly, an employee of Janice Rose Lingerie in the city of Nottingham, has taken to TikTok with a protest to try and settle the issue once and for all.

The fully clothed sales assistant has shared a clip of herself trying on a bra in several common ways, before showing off what she says is the correct method.

To start, Kelly puts it over her head and throws it at him before saying, “No, no, no.”

Kelly tries to ‘climb’ into a bra. Credit: Jam Press Vine/Janice Rose Lingerie

She then tries to climb into the bra before confirming again that this is not correct.

The expert then uses the common method of clasping the bra from back to front, before snapping it into place, before saying again, “No, no, no.”

Kelly fastens the bra in the front, then pushes it into place. Credit: Jam Press Vine/Janice Rose Lingerie

Finally, it illustrates the ‘proper’ method of securing the undergarment.

Kelly shows off the bra she already has on, the back undone, before awkwardly leaning in and placing her hands behind her back to secure it in place.

Kelly shows the bottom line of the ‘correct’ way to put on a bra: clasping it in the back. Credit: Jam Press Vine/Janice Rose Lingerie

The hilarious video has gone viral, racking up 7.4 million views and 150,000 likes.

Viewers also flocked to leave their opinions, with many derisively calling Kelly “Janice,” after the name of the store and its founder, Janice Holmes.

From the front to the back

Overwhelmingly, commentators objected to what they saw as the relatively difficult method of ‘fixing in situ’.

Most suggested that the front-attach-then-twist method was the way to go.

One person said, “Janice, I’m physically incapable of doing it the last way, so it’s a ‘No, no, no’ on my part.”

“Well Janice, some of us are incapable of doing that,” another user commented.

Someone else said, “Don’t tell me ‘No, no, no,’ Janice. The penultimate is always right.”

“No, that’s the hardest way to put it,” insisted another viewer.

Another added: “I don’t have eyes in the back of my neck.”

“I don’t have the mental abilities to cut my back,” someone else quipped.

prolonging life

Meanwhile, today’s Janice has had a few words for the critics about the ‘correct’ fit of bras.

“Our TikTok video shows a back-closing bra, which needs to be fastened in the back to prevent stretch on the bottom band,” Janice Holmes explained.

“This is in line with the manufacturer’s instructions and is designed to help extend the life of the bra.”

Janice described “other styles of bras, without back bras” that she said did have to be pulled over the head.

“These fabrics are designed to pull and stretch,” she said, but added, “Breast support won’t be as good.”

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