Have you ever wondered why Arsenal wear red jerseys?

Have you ever wondered why Arsenal wear red jerseys?

Our ‘Ever Wonder’ series will take place during the 2022-23 Premier League season, focusing on the key stories behind the history, tradition and culture of the 20 Premier League clubs.

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Have you ever sat down and wondered why certain chants became iconic in a club? Why does a team have a certain nickname? Why do they play in those colors? How were they founded? Yes we too.

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This season we will dig deeper to tell the stories rich in history, tradition and culture of the Premier League and give you the answers to the things you want to know more about.

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Have you ever wondered why Arsenal wear red jerseys?

The reason why Arsenal wear red shirts will surprise you and it is because of another Premier League club that was promoted to the top flight in 2022.

Let’s go back to the start. Picture this: a Scottish man, David Danskin, worked with several other Scotsmen at the Arsenal Armament Factory in Woolwich, south London. He decided to create a football club in October 1886 for recreational purposes.

15 men paid six shillings (just over a dollar) each to join and the club was named Dial Square after the clock above the factory entrance.

A helping hand from the banks of the Trento River…

Whats Next? They literally had nothing. No place to play, no ball and no team. However, Danskin paid three shillings out of his own pocket to buy a ball. So they were on their way…

But what about the team? It was all thanks to the factory workers who had come from Nottingham and played for Nottingham Forest.

Fred Beardsley was one of the ex-Forest players who had brought his old kit with him and asked his contacts at Forest if they could help Dial Square with a few more shirts.

Forest said, ‘no problem!’ and sent in a full set of jerseys (and even another ball). That shade of red resembled blackcurrant, and to keep costs down, Dial Square kept the shirts the same color, and off they went.

Here is more information from Arsenal about the shirts: “This original kit was dark red, with long sleeves, a collar and three button front. The jersey was worn with knee-length white shorts and thick blue and white hooped wool socks. The doorman was dressed in the same outfit, except for the T-shirt, which was a hand-knitted cream-colored wool turtleneck. It was this dark red kit that the team wore during their first season at Highbury in 1913/14.

how color evolved

Arsenal played in that deep red colorway until their legendary boss Herbert Chapman decided to change the colors to a brighter red shirt with white sleeves in the 1920s.

No one knows exactly why Chapman did that, but some stories say it was because he saw someone at the stadium wearing a red sweater over a white shirt, while another says he played golf with famous cartoonist Tom Webster who was wearing those colors. .

Fun fact: The reason Sparta Prague wears this shade of red to this day is because their president, Dr. Petric, visited London in 1906 and was so taken with the jerseys of a team then called Woolwich Arsenal ( Arsenal today) who told Sparta to change their colours. And they did.

Although the tone has changed slightly over the years, the reason Arsenal wear red is because some of their early players called in a favor from Nottingham Forest in the 1890s. Remarkable.

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