Here's Why One Minute On The Internet Is More Like A Million Hours

Here’s Why One Minute On The Internet Is More Like A Million Hours

Close your eyes. Stay calm. Can you feel something spinning around you? It’s not the wind, it’s the data. Not to alarm you, but data is everywhere. It is gaining speed and taking up space. and dome(Opens in a new window) has measured that data for its 2022 Data Never Sleeps report.

The report examines a minute on the Internet. If you’re one of those people who feel overwhelmed by too much communication, shield your eyes from the next bit: In just 60 seconds, 16 million text messages and 231.4 million emails are sent.

On social media, 1.7 million pieces of content are shared on Facebook, 347,200 tweets are written, 66,000 photos fill Instagram feeds, and 2.43 million snaps appear and disappear on Snapchat, all in that one minute.

Daters swipe left and right on Tinder 1.1 million times per minute. As for the money, $473,600 is sent through Venmo. And in terms of “money”, $90.2 million worth of cryptocurrency is bought. Somehow, in the midst of all this other activity, a collective 104,600 hours are spent on Zoom.

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If all these numbers are making you tired and hungry, you can join in with 1 million hours of streaming and $76,400 worth of DoorDash that manage to fit in that one minute too.

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