How Boygenius went from indie supergroup to internet darling

How Boygenius went from indie supergroup to internet darling

If you don’t take antidepressants, or if you like upbeat music, or if you don’t spend a lot of time online, then you may be confused by all the talk about Boygenius. Or, perhaps more likely, you haven’t seen Boygenius talked about at all.

But trust me, for a certain corner of the internet, it’s been a great week. Boygenius is the supergroup made up of musicians Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus, and Julien Baker, each of whom is a melancholic favorite in their own right. Together, they’re an unstoppable trio of songwriters coming together like Voltron to make the saddest shit you’ve ever heard. And they just announced a new album.

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard 1,800 people yell, “I want to be emaciated” at the same time, but I did and it’s something only Boygenius could do. The band debuted in 2018 with a self-titled EP, which it ruled, and each member has grown in popularity ever since. Bridgers is a legit celebrity now.

So when the supergroup finally announced their long-rumored follow-up, dropping three new songs, people online were super excited. (The people are me, I am the people.)

The jokes were great too.

In case you were wondering, emotion is everything.(Opens in a new window) upon(Opens in a new window) Tik Tok too.

It’s fascinating to see how Boygenius has grown from a small indie trio to “the world’s most exciting supergroup”.(Opens in a new window) It just shows how much the internet has changed. In 2018, the internet was focused on political doomscrolling, while the vibes of 2023 lean more towards apocalyptic absurdity. That’s perfect for Boygenius. The trio creates sad and lovely music, yes. But they are also funny, the name of the band, for example, in an absurd way, laughing into the abyss.

That’s part of the reason Bridgers has risen from indie darling to patron saint of gloom in the past five years. She is fun and self-aware and of course has an interesting love life.(Opens in a new window) that people follow incessantly.

The world has become sadder. The band has become more famous. It makes sense that memes, jokes, and excitement were ubiquitous online this week. Hell, they were in the cover of Rolling Stone(Opens in a new window).

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