How to quickly find and remove unused apps on Android 13

How to quickly find and remove unused apps on Android 13

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Do you use every app installed on your Android device? If not, why do you keep those unused apps installed?

You may have never thought about it, but it’s possible that Android app development may be on the wane.

If this happens, the application may end up with vulnerabilities that can be exploited. If you keep this unused app on your phone, it will just sit there, waiting to be hacked.

Or maybe it’s just a desire for you to have more space on your phone and reduce clutter.

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In any case, you really should remove these unused apps from your device. However, the prospect of deleting them all manually can be a little intimidating for some. Luckily, the developers have seen fit to include a simple tool to uninstall unused apps. This feature has appeared in later releases and I’m going to show you how to use it on Android 13.

How to quickly find and remove unused apps on Android 13

Ready to free up space and get rid of old apps?

Let’s go to.


The only thing you need is an Android device with an updated OS and a few old apps to uninstall. With them in place, let’s see how it works.

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Remove unused apps from Android

The first thing you need to do is open the Settings app. You can launch Settings either from the notifications panel (the gear icon that appears when you drag the panel down twice) or from the app drawer.

In the Settings app, tap Apps, and then on the Apps page, tap Unused Apps.

Part of the Android 13 apps window in the settings tool.

Access the unused apps feature in Android 13.

Image: Jack Wallen

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On the screen that appears, you’ll see a list of all apps that haven’t been opened in the last three months, and below that, apps that haven’t been used in over six months. To delete each application, you only need to tap the corresponding trash icon.

When prompted, click OK to remove the app in question. Keep doing this until you’ve uninstalled any unused apps that you’re sure you won’t need anymore.

Two apps are listed as unused in Android 13.

Removing unused apps in Android 13.

Image: Jack Wallen

This, of course, can be a little tricky. For example, I have certain apps on my phone that I rarely use but need to be installed because I use them from time to time. However, these apps are updated frequently so I know they don’t fall into vulnerable states. Also, I’m not in danger of running out of space on my phone. If that were the case, then even those apps that I believe I might be able to use at some point would have to be gone.

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And here’s how to easily uninstall unused apps on Android 13. You should check this feature regularly to keep track of those apps you don’t use and remove them. As always, it’s better to be safe than have your data stolen or run out of storage space on your Android device.

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