Huawei Asia Pacific ISP Summit: Shaping an All-Optical and Intelligent Internet by 2030

Huawei Asia Pacific ISP Summit: Shaping an All-Optical and Intelligent Internet by 2030

[Bangkok, Thailand, September 21, 2022] During the Asia Pacific ISP Summit, Huawei unveiled its latest strategy of “Dive into Asia Pacific, Shape All-Optical and Intelligent Internet”, reinforcing the ISP industry as the fundamental foundation of the intelligent world 2030. The summit, to which was joined by business leaders and partners, also featured discussions on the Asia-Pacific all-optical trend and the progress of home broadband, integrated carrier and cloud-managed campuses, creating new value for the industry.

Aaron Wang, Vice President of Asia Pacific Enterprise Business Group, delivering a speech

Huawei believes that green, all-optical, and smart connectivity are the top trends in the ISP industry. Describing the Network 2030 Framework in the strategy, Brandon Wu, CTO of Huawei Asia Pacific Enterprise Business, said it should be native to AI, cubic broadband network and deterministic experience, and meet green and security requirements.

As a key player in the Asia Pacific ISP industry, Huawei will leverage its advantages in product portfolios, lead infrastructure innovation, and provide leading end-to-end solutions in data communication, optical network, data center, and cloud.


Brandon Wu, CTO, Asia Pacific Enterprise Business Group, delivered a speech at the summit

Meanwhile, Huawei also recognizes that all-optical networks are of increasing importance to the ISP industry and even the entire digital economy. Huawei’s technology and solutions will continue to evolve in energy saving and emission reduction, driving innovation for more companies in Asia-Pacific.

During the summit, Huawei brought together ISPs from various Asia-Pacific countries to share how innovations in Internet infrastructure can help bridge the digital divide and develop the digital economy in the region. For example, Huawei helped an ISP in Nepal transform into the domestic broadband market; in Indonesia, Huawei built integrated carrier and cloud connectivity; and in Thailand, Huawei worked with local partners on managed service provider (MSP) innovation and campus management through enterprise cloud.

The Asia-Pacific ISP industry has seen remarkable growth in recent years. As envisioned by Aarion Wang, senior vice president of Huawei Asia Pacific Enterprise Business Group, the intelligent world 2030 will see a greater role for ISPs as the foundation of the digital world and source of global economic recovery.

At the exhibition part, Huawei displayed some of its recently launched solutions for the ISP industry, including FTTR (Fiber to the Room) for the home scenario and NetEngine 8000 that integrates multiple service capabilities. These solutions will accelerate the transformation to an all-optical smart internet in the Asia-Pacific region.

Huawei will continue to innovate all-optical, intelligent, green Internet infrastructure to drive the sustainable development of the digital economy in the Asia-Pacific region. With extensive experience in data center networking, data center interconnection, intelligent computing, and public cloud, Huawei is uniquely positioned to create new value together with customers in the Internet industry.

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