In 2022, 65% of all internet traffic came from video sites.

In 2022, 65% of all internet traffic came from video sites.

Every year, an intelligence company sandvine identifies the websites and applications that consume the most bandwidth. In 2022, Sandvine Global Internet Phenomena Report reinforced a current trend: data usage from video sites increased 24% year-over-yearand the video now represents 65% of all Internet traffic.

Sandvine’s report collected data from 177 service providers around the world. The breakdown of that internet usage reveals six big tech companies: Facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple, NetflixY Microsoft — which claim nearly half of all traffic. Among the leading sextet, Google and Netflix consume the most bandwidth.

In a statement, Sandvine’s director of solutions Samir Marwaha described the video as “integral for conferences, games, social networks, [and] messaging.” He said the COVID-era traffic spike of the internet is now the “new normal” for bandwidth usage. more sophisticated applications that merge multiple functions and features,” said Marwaha.

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Video streaming had already established itself as the predominant source of internet traffic even before the onset of the pandemic. As the share of that category continues to grow, service providers will have to figure out how to satisfy the growing appetite for data. Sandvine CTO Alexander Haväng stated that telcos are “expected” to “seek regulatory relief” as demand increases.

For more details from the Sandvine report, including a full breakdown of Internet usage in 2022, download a copy of the latest Global Internet Phenomena Report. The firm will also discuss its findings during the MWC Barcelona conference, which begins on February 27.

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