Intel Core i9-13900T CPU benchmarks show faster performance than 12900K 125W at 35W

Intel Core i9-13900T CPU benchmarks show faster performance than 12900K 125W at 35W

Intel recently introduced new 13th generation T-series chips that feature the Core i9-13900T running at a TDP of 35W. The new chip has been benchmarked in Geekbench 5 and shows impressive performance considering its budget limited by power.

13th Gen Intel Core i9-13900T 35W Processor Beats 125W Core i9-12900K in Geekbench 5 Benchmark

Starting with the specifications, the Intel Core i9-13900T is a variant of the Core i9-13900 series that comes with a limited TDP design. While the standard chips boast 125W TDP in unlocked models and 65W TDP on Non-K SKUs, the T-series chip is limited to a 35W TDP. The unlocked processor is rated at up to 253W, the Non-K is rated at up to 219W, while the T-series chip is rated at up to 106W, which is less than half the power budget of its siblings superior.

The Intel Core i9-13900T keeps the same basic configuration with 24 cores that are made up of 8 P-Cores and 16 E-Cores with 32 threads, a base clock of 1.10 GHz, a boost of up to 5.30 GHz and 68 MB cache (L2+L3). The processor also comes in at a slightly lower price of $549.00. The processor is now tested in the Geekbench 5 benchmark using an ASUS TUF Gaming B660M-PLUS WIFI card and coupled with 64GB of DDR5 memory.

The processor scored 2178 points in single-core tests and 17339 points in multi-core tests. We used the Intel Core i9-12900K for comparison, which scored 1901 points in the single-core tests and 17272 points in the multi-core tests. This makes the Intel Core i9-13900T up to 15% faster in single-core tests and slightly faster in multi-threaded tests, which is very impressive considering that the Core i9-12900K has, also a higher 125 W base TDP (3.58 times higher) and a peak. 241 W TDP rating (2.27 times higher).








This shows the immense efficiency that Intel’s 10nm ESF process node and the new hybrid architecture packages, and we will also see some similar results with the mobility range, especially the 13th generation HX parts, which will be delivered as enthusiasts. gaming laptops in the coming months. AMD also showed off its brand new 65W Ryzen 7000 Non-X processors, which showed some impressive efficiency feats on their own with the core Zen 4 architecture.

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