Invest in the stock market

Invest in the stock market

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This week’s episode is all about investing in 2023.

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our take

Investors probably had a wild ride in 2022, depending on how much they allowed the swings in the stock market to affect them. And that’s a takeaway from last year: Don’t let the ups and downs of everyday life worry you too much. Acting from a place of fear can lead to decisions you will regret later. And trying to time the market is not a good investment strategy.

Many financial advisors will say that as long as you make regular contributions to your accounts through the ups and downs, a strategy called “dollar cost averaging,” you’re on your way to building wealth for the long haul. And if the stock market continues its erratic streak in 2023, consider not checking your retirement accounts too often to avoid feeling anxious.

If you’re new to investing and looking to get started this year, start by learning about your goals and which accounts can help you reach them. For many newcomers, that means opening a retirement account. Workplace accounts, like a 401(k), are an affordable option for many. So are individual retirement accounts, both Roth and traditional.

Our advice

  • There is nothing wrong with being boring: A simple, well-diversified portfolio has more reliable returns than an investment strategy where you try to time the market.
  • Think long term: Markets go up and down, so focus on your time horizon to avoid getting caught up in the swings of the day. The time horizon just means how long before you need to use the money invested.
  • Take one step at a time: If you’re new to investing, explore your options, including retirement accounts, brokerage accounts, or robo-advisor accounts, to see which ones can help you meet your investment goals.

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