iPhone feature raises concerns among law enforcement

iPhone feature raises concerns among law enforcement

Eau Claire, Wisconsin (WEAU) — The iPhone’s emergency-relief feature has sometimes proven to be the opposite.

“It ties up our resources. Our message to the people is if you are going to participate in these activities, be aware that your phone can call 911 when it is not an emergency and you could potentially block someone who has an emergency,” the sheriff said. Brent Waak. .

His office in Polk County posted a recommendation on social media for iPhone crash detection.

AuGust Ringelstetter, who works as an Apple tech at MacMan in Eau Claire, explains the feature.

“Fault detection is actually relatively new. It is only available on iPhone 14, 14 pro, Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra,” Ringelstetter said.

He said that there is a small amount of time during which the use should prevent a call for help if the function worked.

“If you answer within those 20 seconds, you can actually stop the emergency call,” Ringelstetter said.

The Chippewa County Sheriff’s Office has also posted a recommendation about this feature and urges users to take note.

“Just be responsive. We have a responsibility to make sure you’re all right,” Sheriff Travis Hakes said.

Ringelstetter offers this to users with the feature enabled.

“If you’re driving somewhere where you’ll be driving fast or stopping, or if there are loud bumps, crashes, and the like, you might want to turn crash detection off,” Ringelstetter said.

Law enforcement officials hope that false alarms do not lead to the serious mistake of ignoring someone who really needs it.

“Unfortunately, we’re getting so many false alarms that it’s going to turn into a situation where if there was a real emergency, people couldn’t… they were like, ‘Oh, this is just another false alarm,'” the sheriff said. Wow.

“We’d rather have the system in place and know it’s working and answer a thousand unintentional calls than not answer the one call we really needed,” Sheriff Hakes said.

Polk County Sheriff Wahak said the same problem is likely to occur in the summer for ATV riders.

Ringelstetter said Apple is still working on updates to the crash detection feature. You can follow the shop blog here.

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