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James Gunn questions why everything has to be about internet sex as fans rage over ‘She-Hulk’ beating ‘the Boys’ and ‘Peacemaker’

In a world where our expectations are constantly challenged by unpredictable currents that flow one way and then the other, it’s not particularly surprising to discover that your favorite TV show or movie isn’t as beloved as you might have imagined. But when a disastrous debut like she hulk ends beating Boys At the most notable review aggregator out there, you can’t help but brace yourself for the most destructive online cataclysm that ultimately ends with nothing to do with either of you.

In other news, controversy magnet James Gunn gets into another bizarre Twitter exchange, this time with Cliff Bleszinski, of all people, about how people think everything should be about sex.

Hell freezes over when doctor who fans unite to acknowledge the big deal about Chris Chibnall’s tenure

Image via BBC

Chris Chibnall has a lot to answer for for the way he undermined 60 years of continuity and left more questions than answers, but it seems even Whovians are capable of recognizing some of the redeeming qualities of this era. In a new Reddit thread that sparked a lively conversation, doctor who fans talk about how Chibnall doesn’t tragically kill or incapacitate his teammates is a breath of fresh air, and other supporters can’t help but nod in approval. Well, at least we’ve reached a consensus, even if it’s a bit late for that now.

An innocuous compliment turns into a bizarre Twitter session of shower thoughts for James Gunn and his followers.

Peacekeeper John Cena
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Trust the people of the internet to make everything weird, even a completely innocent compliment that a person pays their friend. When Cliff Bleszinski recently praised James Gunn for immediately shutting down DCU rumors on Twitter, users took the debate down a strange path that ended with Gunn asking why everything always has to do with sex on the internet. I’m pretty sure this is a serious conversation humans should have at some point, but for now, let’s give the two brothers their space.

she hulk is apparently a better superhero show than Boys Y Pacifier on rotten tomatoes

She-Hulk and Megan Thee Stallion
Image via Marvel Studios

Despite the opinions of users who point out she hulk As one of the MCU’s worst mishaps to date, the limited series has enjoyed a lot of love from critics. In fact, when Rotten Tomatoes recently announced its “best of 2022” lists, she hulk got the runner-up after mrs wonder. Technically speaking, she hulk is rated better than Boys Y Pacifier, both of which had an incredible year with their third and debut seasons, respectively. Well, you can probably imagine how social media took on that development, and being respectful wasn’t a part of it.

Strange times we live in. Strange times indeed.

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