John Lennon of The Beatles tuning his guitar while filming

John Lennon said the Beatles ‘almost gave up’ on the song that would become their first hit

The Beatles emerged in the early 1960s and had their first hit song in 1963. The song “Please Please” led to the band’s future success, but John Lennon said the Fab Four “almost gave up” on the band. song after having a hard time getting it right. .

‘Please, Please Me’ was The Beatles’ first hit.

John Lennon | Max Scheler – K&K/Redferns

In 1963, The Beatles released “Please, Please”. The song was their second UK single and their first in the US. The song reached number 2 on the UK Singles Chart, but reached number 1 on two other UK charts, spawning some debate as to whether it’s a number 1 hit… In the US, the song reached number 3 on the US Billboard Hot 100. The song also became the title track of their debut album.

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