“King Sh*t”: Trevor Lawrence's tweet sends the internet crazy after his incredible return to the playoffs

“King Sh*t”: Trevor Lawrence’s tweet sends the internet crazy after his incredible return to the playoffs

He Jacksonville Jaguars It may have closed one of the most unforeseen moments. Despite having a terrible first half, Trevor Lawrence and company were able to come back in the best possible way. The franchise’s wild card victory was so surprising that even “The Prince Who Was Promised” was in disbelief. Lawrence’s reaction on Twitter generated several responses from NFL fans.

trevor lawrence and Company were having a grueling time at TIAA Bank Field. He Chargers took a 27-7 first-half lead, and the Jags found it difficult to cope. But Jacksonville found its adrenaline rush after sweeping the entire game with a one-point lead (31-30).

QB1 was also incredulous.


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The timing was also amazing for Trevor Lawrence. Jags QB1 took to Twitter and shared an iconic meme. He shared that of Apollos Hester. “They had us in the first half, I’m not going to lie” meme It was something that no one felt was true.

Like Lawrence, the NFL Fandom didn’t see the moment coming by any means.


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1 day ago

This user said that moments are like kings.

But this user said that the return was as spectacular as a scripted wrestling match.

In addition, Emmanuel Acho shared a GIF that gave him a standing ovation.

But Ed Zitron had some other expression.

Another user is proud of Lawrence.

This user referred to an image that showed the Prince who was betrothed to have the Dawg on him.

But Robert Griffin III is falling apart.

Another user hilariously mocked the Chargers with a logo update.

Another user praised Trevor Lawrence as the certified dog.

This user rated QB1’s message as the tweet of the year.

Trevor Lawrence may have had the last laugh on the chargers. But he erupted into a mega debate after making a mistake.

Trevor Lawrence makes a verbal mistake after remarkable triumph

The Jacksonville Jaguars made history after picking the biggest turnaround point in franchise history. Fans are hailing the franchise for doing something no one saw coming. However, the Jags QB1 may have messed up his post-game commentary like some wrestlers in AEW do.


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Interestingly, the NFL, which is a scripted feud, got another boost after Trevor Lawrence’s post-game comments. QB1 picked up on the sensationalism after saying: “You couldn’t write a crazier script.

Lawrence was probably trying to refer to a script while making his comments. But he incited a crazy joke, and it could go on for a long time.


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