Lana Del Rey Shares NSFW's 'Ocean Blvd' Album Cover, Delays Release Date

Lana Del Rey Shares NSFW’s ‘Ocean Blvd’ Album Cover, Delays Release Date

Lana Del Rey’s upcoming ninth album, Did you know there is a tunnel under Ocean Blvd? (the follow-up to their 2021 pair of albums, Chemtrails over the country club Y Blue Railings), was originally scheduled for release on March 10. However, according to LDR’s private Instagram page, that date has now been pushed back to March 24. “March 24 now, thank you. Box set and merchandising,” read the caption, posted Friday night.

In the same post, Lana also shared a track list, trade items including a lighter, and some alt NSFW album art where she appears partially topless. That post was deleted, so she later shared some of the photos to Stories and wrote: “The other post was against the guidelines. Sounds good to me.” It’s unclear if the NSFW art is a new album cover or a vinyl variant.

Meanwhile, the Twitter-based fan account @LanaDelReyOnline reported in early January: “According to a reliable source, the interlude with Pastor Judah Smith lasts over 4 minutes and is chaotic, bizarre and random. It consists of the singer humming/laughing while the pastor shouts out a sermon.

There are also 6 songs on the album that are 5 minutes or longer!”

The full tracklist is below.

01 “The Scholarships”
02 “Did you know there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd?”
03 “Sweet”
04 “AW”
05 “Judah Smith Interlude”
06 “Candy Necklace”
07 “Jon Batiste Interlude”
08 “Kintsugi”
09 “Fingertips”
10 ‘Paris, Texas’
11 “Grandpa, Please Stand On My Father’s Shoulders While He Is Deep Sea Fishing”
12 “Let The Light In” (with Father John Misty)
13 “Margaret (feat. Bleachers)”
14 “Fishtail”
15 “Peppers” (with Tommy Genesis)
16 “Taco Truck x VB”

Did you know there is a tunnel under Ocean Blvd? It comes out on 3/24.

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