Lil Baby seems to unfollow Gunna on Instagram

Lil Baby seems to unfollow Gunna on Instagram

It seems that Gunna is losing friendships with many of his fellow rappers. Lil Baby has apparently unfollowed the YSL member amid allegations of snitching.

On Saturday (January 14), a photo surfaced online revealing that Lil Baby has possibly unfollowed Gunna. This revelation is causing a stir on social media because the pair have collaborated on several tracks together, launched a 2018 joint project called stronger drip and earned a diamond plaque together for their hit single, “Drip Too Hard.”

Also, in a July 2019 interview with 16Bars, Lil Baby revealed that he used to pay Gunna $100 to write songs for him so he could develop his rapping skills. So the two rhymers have a long history of working together.

But now it may appear that Lil Baby is distancing himself from Gunna amid allegations that he ratted out Young Thug and YSL in his RICO case last December so he could be released from jail. However, Gunna has vehemently denied that she is cooperating with prosecutors in the extortion case.

However, the streets of Twitter are talking.

“Drip too hard is a classic. RIP to the duo lil baby & gunna. Another duo broke up too soon smh,” wrote one disappointed fan.

“Gunna’s feature list for his next album is going to have to be indie pop artists, conscious rappers, and R&B singers because the Future, Drake, Lil Durk, Young Thug, and Lil Baby formula won’t happen again,” another person tweeted.

“Seriously, Gunna’s going to be fine. Iono’s not one wrong that he took this plea bargain. It actually makes him a little more relatable. If the baby’s going to do all this weird internet shit, Might as well get into the fucking stu,” a third person stated.

the rumors of Lil Baby possibly cutting ties with Gunna comes when a snippet of the Lil Durk song appears to feature the Chicago rhymer criticizing Gunna for allegedly ratting on YSL. Durkio also has a history of collaboration with Gunna.

In the song snippet, Durkio raps, “Whatever happened to Virgil, I’ll probably tell.”

While that line may seem nondescript, many fans believe Durk was referring to his Gunna-assisted 2022 hit, “What Happened to Virgil,” and is also throwing the Atlanta rhymer under the proverbial bus.

Additionally, fellow Boosie rappers BadAzz and Lil Gotit have also criticized Gunna on social media.

Watch Lil Durk preview a new song dissing Gunna below

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