Looking back: 3 takeaways from Purdue's Win at the Barn

Looking back: 3 takeaways from Purdue’s Win at the Barn

purdue he went to the Barn on Thursday night and played his most complete defensive game of the season. The swarming Purdue Defense held Minnesota’s struggling defense to a season-low 39 points.

While Purdue’s offense didn’t set the world on fire, only scoring 61 points, the defense came into play, improving its KenPom defensive rating from 29th in the nation to 17th.

Looking back is always fun, but even more so after a big Big Ten win. Here are three takeaways from Purdue’s win last night.

Braden Smith flirts with a triple-double

Braden Smith arguably had his most complete game of the season, finishing the game at 19, 7, and 7. Smith has flirted a few times this year with a triple-double, at some point he will have one or more under his belt.

Last night, Smith saw the court well, whether it was on a fast break or in the half court, he directed the offense perfectly. While Zach Edey is the most dominant player in college basketball right now, I think it’s time to acknowledge that branden smith could be a big reason for some of your successes.

Is Smith the best true point guard since Chris Kramer? I’m starting to lean that way, but so far he’s a much better scorer than Kramer.

Purdue’s defense quells moles

Heading into last night’s game against Minnesota, Purdue was ranked 29th in defense according to KenPom. After holding the Gophers to just 39 points, they jumped 12 spots to 17th.

Personally, however, Purdue’s defense is more than just computer-generated analysis. Purdue has allowed 70 points twice this season, that’s the most any team has scored against them. While they were ranked 17th in KenPom, they only allow 60.1 PPG, which is good for 13th in the nation.

A big reason for the upgrade? zach edey it is a real statue in the middle. He plays 30+ minutes per game and is foul-free, giving Purdue a true rim protector again.

Along with the stifling perimeter defense of Ethan Morton, Braden Smith and Brandon Newman’s improvement on defense, Purdue is locked in on that side of the floor.

Brandon Newman provides a spark from the bench

Brandon Newman has been a bit down on offense, although he’s struggled on that side of the floor, he’s been much better on defense, probably our best defender off the bench.

Last night, Newman scored 8 points off the bench, going 2-of-3 from deep. if he is young purdue team wants to make a lot of progress in March, they will need Brandon Newmann and Ethan Morton to find his shot, especially Newman coming off the bench.

There were a few missed calls last night, as usual Newman was mugged a few times while driving to the basket, his 8 points really should have been 10 or more.

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