Maren Morris poses with Shaquille O'Neal in a photo that's now viral

Maren Morris poses with Shaquille O’Neal in a photo that’s now viral

Elevate friendship to new heights.

On October 1, Maren Morris He performed at The Event Charity Gala, hosted by the Shaquille O’Neal Foundation, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. There, he met a country star Shaquille O’Neal himself and posted a picture of the two of them together, mocking the extreme height difference between them.

“Tall Guys,” she captioned an Instagram photo, which has since gone viral, referring to her single of the same name.

Standing a tiny 5’1″, Maren is nearly two feet shorter than Shaq, one of the tallest NBA stars of all time. The retired basketball legend and fan favorite is 6’11 inches, as explained on TNT’s Inside the NBA in the year 2020.

In addition to Marin, other artists included in The Event Maroon 5And the pitbullAnd the to her and comedian John Mulaney. More than $3.2 million was raised at the party, which was sponsored by the Pepsi Stronger Together initiative. Proceeds go to the Boys and Girls Club and communities at schools in Las Vegas and Atlanta, both of Shaq’s hometowns.

Marine told E! News. “I am very happy when asked.”

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