Meet Internet Star Jason Grosboll aka Popcorn Guy

Meet Internet Star Jason Grosboll aka Popcorn Guy

This story revolutionized the Internet. Jason Grosboll at Century 16 Theaters in Corpus Christi has gone viral. Now, he has been invited to the Oscars.

She’s been working in the theater for 10 years, and she doesn’t just show off her tricks while serving popcorn with extra layers of butter.

“I get to interact with so many different people, I get to try so many different tricks. I can make people smile, laugh happily,” Jason Grosboll said as he poured a bucket of buttered popcorn. “I just do it for fun.”

He said it’s been sweet ever since it went viral. “I’m still in a little bit of shock, but it still feels amazing,” Grosball said.

In addition to signing autographs in buckets of popcorn, making people smile and working hard, “I play a lot of video games, I watch a lot of anime,” he said.

And at his apartment complex, he told us he’s there to lend a hand.

“So basically I take care of everyone’s build for them, I’ve actually done a lot of things to help them. I even put out like a backyard fire once,” she said.

Grosball also takes care of his dad, who is a source of inspiration to him.

“My dad always worked hard at his job,” he said. “He does the best he can, he always does the best he can and I got the inspiration to try from here.”

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