monitoring and automation of crops without electricity or Internet

monitoring and automation of crops without electricity or Internet

Lualtek is an initiative of Alessio and Luca Occhipinti, young beginners who have devised a system that can be integrated anywhere, requires no installation and implements machine learning through LoRaWAN, that is, a radio wireless technology for monitoring and data communication over long distances with low power consumption.

The system allows the control of the environmental and substrate values ​​and the automation of any device (antifreeze, irrigation, closing and opening of ridges, etc.) through monitoring sensors. It also works without being connected to the Internet or the power grid.

Lualtek panel for motor management with two actuators

A year after its launch, five companies have chosen to install the Lualtek system, as they have decided to bet on technological innovation and energy saving, a matter of great importance considering the price increases of recent months and the not so positive future prospects. In addition, the shorter time and the lower number of operators needed help to reduce production costs considerably.

Lualtek’s advanced algorithm has made it possible to optimize production, reducing water, energy and fertilizer consumption. After one year of use, the entrepreneurs have used 15% less electricity, 40% less water and have seen a 20% increase in production. These figures are important not only in terms of savings, but also for environmental sustainability.”

Sensor in a blackberry greenhouse

The project was very successful even among investors and venture capitalists both in Italy and abroad: some entrepreneurs saw great potential in Lualtek in terms of sustainability and productivity improvement and decided to invest in it. Therefore, Lualtek was able to increase its capital and started a first round of raising its own funds worth €300,000. Meanwhile, foreign investors and some large agricultural companies from South America have also shown their interest.

Device used to manage the system.

These first funds will allow the start-up to reinforce its commercial and development teams. Lualtek is currently working to activate AI and machine learning by the end of 2022. These technologies will alert entrepreneurs to the potential development of diseases, but will also suggest changes to automations to improve production.

“We started our pilot project in the summer of 2020 in a berry greenhouse and the success was immediate with tangible results. We decided to set the start-up in March 2021 and the first orders arrived shortly after”, explains Luca Occhipinti.

“A greenhouse that has monitoring and automation sensors is nothing new, but software that constantly sends updated data and allows you to set the right growing options. In addition, it also works without electricity and without the Internet and does not require installation, so it can be installed at a low cost even in businesses with a low technological level. Programming can be via cell phone, PC or any device. The sensors and actuators are highly innovative and are assembled directly by us, so they are not yet available for purchase. “, adds Alessio Occhipinti.

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