Moonlight addresses claims of queerbaiting

Moonlight addresses claims of queerbaiting

Måneskin is opening up about how they have coped with the backlash over their fluency.

In light of his new album TO RUN!, spoke the band The Guardian about their rise to fame, how Italy embraced them as a group, and how they broke stereotypical rock and roll norms.

In some cases, band members Damiano David and Thomas Raggi (who are straight, while members Victoria De Angelis and Ethan Torchio are part of the LGBTQ+ community) have faced accusations of queerbaiting over their use of makeup and choice of clothes.

“There are some cases where it happens, but sometimes [the accusations are] so extreme,” De Angelis told the outlet. It’s stupid that queer people, who should be fighting these stereotypes, label it like that and create more hate. The fact [that Raggi and David] being straight doesn’t mean they can’t wear makeup. Or heels.”

David, 24, added: “Everything Thomas and I do is always filtered by two people who are [queer]. Of course we don’t experience the same things, but we live very closely every day with people from the community.”

Similarly, the band faced backlash in their home country of Italy after winning Eurovision.

“We’ve always been very divided,” David said. “There are a ton of people who love us and are very proud of what we’re doing, and then there’s another part made up of conservatives, traditional rock and roll fans, and fascists who hate us with everything they’ve got.”

“A lot of people are really proud,” added De Angelis, 22. “But Italy is a very conservative country and they are intimidated by the fact that someone can wear makeup or high heels or appear half-naked or not be straight. But fuck them.”


During the band’s performance at the MTV Video Music Awards in August, De Angelis’s top fell off her shoulder, exposing her chest. However, MTV quickly censored the performance for home viewers. The bassist spoke of this instance and called it a double standard.

“We’re too hot for American television,” De Angelis said. “It’s so stupid because they want to seem so open minded and then they’re freaked out by a couple of nipples. There’s this difference between the bodies of men and women and how they perceive you and sexualize you all the time. Everyone has nipples.” .

“It’s very clear the different standards people have because I was literally naked,” David added.

The third studio album from the Grammy-nominated band TO RUN! is out now

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