Mt. Pleasant woman claims pine straw company took advantage of her

Mt. Pleasant woman claims pine straw company took advantage of her

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) – With warmer weather just around the corner, some people are taking a closer look at their gardens. However, a Mount Pleasant woman says that she should be cautious before accepting any job.

Mount Pleasant resident Sheryl Frost says she was at her home when a group of men in an unmarked car turned up offering yard work.

“Then I realized that it was probably a scam,” Frost said.

“They said, ‘Hey, we just killed some of the neighbors with pine straw and we’ve got all this left over,’” Frost said. “’So, we can go ahead and make your own for $6 a bale.’ And we said, ‘Yeah, okay. That sound good.’ And he said, ‘No manpower,’ and we said, ‘Yeah, that sounds great.'”

She says that she was fine with the arrangement until things changed.

“And the guy came over and said, ‘Well, there were 250 bales and they’re going to be $2,500,’” Frost said.

Frost says that with the small area they filled with pine straw, there was no way they were going to use 250 bales. She says that she gave them $300 because that was the original agreement. She then says that they got very aggressive.

“I said, ‘I’m going to call the police,’ and they couldn’t get to their cars fast enough,” Frost said.

Mount Pleasant police public information officer Ashley Croy says the elderly are an age group that could be more at risk of being taken advantage of. She says this is because some might assume they aren’t thinking clearly.

Croy says they haven’t heard of any other reports like this one. She says that without knowing if there was criminal intent in this situation, Frost would have to file a civil suit. Croy says that it’s strange that the group left so quickly.

To avoid paying too much for services, Croy says it’s important to look for a business license, business card, and do your own research on a company before they come onto your property.

“I still felt like I didn’t want to be someone who is taking advantage of someone else,” Frost said. “Even though they were trying to take advantage of me.”

Frost tells me that the group of people did not have business cards, but that they were based in Walterboro. The company they say they were with has not responded to a comment about whether they did business at Frost’s home.

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