NBA All-World, Niantic's Next AR Game, Available Now

NBA All-World, Niantic’s Next AR Game, Available Now

Niantic launched World NBA, its location-based basketball-themed mobile game on iOS and Android today. Ahead of this release, Digital Trends attended the presentation to learn more about how the AR sports title works.

If you have played any Niantic games before, many items World NBA will seem pretty familiar. The mobile game tracks players’ location and encourages them to explore. In doing so, players will find drop zones that give them new gear. Niantic says that Drop Zones will often be placed next to real-life counterparts so players can find money next to a bank or shoes next to a shoe store.

There will also be player meetups where they can take on current NBA athletes. Niantic tells Digital Trends that classic athletes are currently out of the game, but thinks the idea is “a good one.”

In Player Encounters, users battle athletes in one of four mini-games: 3-Point Shootout, Beat the Clock, Around the World, and First-to-Five. While they have impressive and realistic animations for a mobile game, Niantic says these minigames only use simple swipe controls because the studio wanted to make something that would be easy to play while someone was walking around. . If the user wins a Player Encounter, they can recruit that athlete to their team, customize them with items found in drop zones, and upgrade them by playing with them. Players can also challenge players they have already hired again to earn more currency.

The game also includes Rule the Court District Leaderboards, many of which are hosted on real-life basketball courts where players can compete for the highest score. There are currently no PvP elements in the game. World NBA, although Niantic understands that players enjoy competitive modes in their sports games and may add them in the future. In fact, many features are still under development for post-launch updates, including support for Niantic’s trademark augmented reality. At the beginning of the second quarter of 2023, Niantic plans to add augmented reality support to World NBA to improve loot drops from drop zones so they look like they happen in the real world.

One thing that will be in the game at launch are microtransactions that Niantic says will be similar to those available in other games and will allow players to boost their athletes’ stats with attack, defense and fitness upgrades.

Despite the undeniable success Pokemon GoNiantic has never been able to fully replicate its success with games like Harry Potter: Wizards Unite or Pikmin Bloom. However, the studio seems confident that basketball has a global mass appeal. World NBA another big success for the company. The early footage we’ve seen in the game gives us optimism. World NBA prospects, but ultimately we’ll have to wait and see if the game survives the rookie season.

World NBA Already available for iOS and Android.

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