Nightdive Studios was apparently "close" to reviving GoldenEye 007

Nightdive Studios was apparently “close” to reviving GoldenEye 007

Image: Nintendo Life

Rare’s iconic first-person shooter GoldenEye 007 was thought to be stuck in licensing hell, but after continued rumors and last week’s Nintendo Direct, it’s been officially announced for the Switch Online N64 service. Coming to Xbox Game Pass and Rare replay with some minor improvements as well.

Sure, it might not be the axed remaster that leaked last year, but it’s better than nothing. We can’t help but wonder what might have happened if Nightdive Studios (Shadow Man, PowerSlave) had been given the rights to revive this classic instead of Rare. According to studio CEO Stephen Kick, Nightdive was apparently incredibly close to securing the re-release. Here’s what he had to say:

“We @NightdiveStudio were *so* close to doing this but I’m finally excited to see GoldenEye return to modern platforms and even more excited that @RareLtd is the studio bringing it back”

Unfortunately, Kick did not explain how the situation unfolded. Despite not being able to secure GoldenEye 007, as stated in the tweet above, he’s still “thrilled” to see this N64 classic back and is happy to see Rare resurrect it.

Nightdive Studios currently has its hands full with games such as System shock and the recently announced project, Ascension of the Triad: Risen Edition. Kick previously mentioned how the studio would be interested in returning other classics like Eternal Darkness, but had no luck with Nintendo.

Are you looking forward to rewatching GoldenEye 007 via the Switch Online service? Would you have been interested in seeing what a Nightdive version of this game could have offered? Comment below.

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