Nothing tells telecom operators about the release of a smartphone in the US

Nothing tells telecom operators about the release of a smartphone in the US

Nothing founder Carl Pei is in talks with US carriers that could see the brand launch an Android smartphone for the US market.

When the Phone (1) was released in March, it was not available in the US. In an interview with CNBC(Opens in a new window)Pei explained why this happened:

“The reason we didn’t launch in the US is because you need more tech support to support all carriers and their unique customizations they need to do on top of Android…ready sooner.”

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Pei also confirmed that “we are in talks with some carriers in the US about a possible launch of a future product there,” suggesting the Phone (2) could be released in the US. This is mainly due to how popular the Nothing Ear (1) true wireless headphones have proven to be, with a third of sales coming from the US.

Nothing’s goal is to produce phones that can compete with Apple and iOS, but Pei believes it will be a difficult task:

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“There is a problem with Android, where iOS is becoming more and more dominant. They are very much tied to iMessage, AirDrop, especially among Gen Zers. So that’s a growing concern for me… Apple is about 80% of the whole market, and it just doesn’t leave enough room for Android manufacturers to keep playing.”

In addition to continuing to update and support Android as a competitor to iOS, Google has an important role to play in limiting Apple’s dominance in the mobile device market. That’s assuming it can continue to release well-established Pixel phones. Samsung also has its own role and advantage when it comes to foldable smartphones.

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