Olivia Wilde addresses Harry Styles, Chris Pine Spit-Gate - The Hollywood Reporter

Olivia Wilde addresses Harry Styles, Chris Pine Spit-Gate – The Hollywood Reporter

Olivia Wilde doesn’t want Stephen Colbert to worry about the various rumors surrounding her new movie.

The do not worry my love The director and actress is a guest on CBS. Late Show On the Wednesday before the release of Warner Bros. on Friday, where she addressed various rumors surrounding the project, starting with Shia LaBeouf.

In early September, LaBeouf came forward and faced Wilde’s allegations that he had been fired do not worry my love , Saying that he left the film instead and provided scripts and videos showing her asking him to stay in the cast.

When Colbert was asked to clarify whether LaBeouf quit the film or was fired from the film, Wilde said she tried to play the role of mediator between actress and lead actress Florence Pugh.

“As soon as it turned out it wasn’t a tenable business relationship, I got an ultimatum,” she told the late-night host. “I chose my actress, and I’m so glad I did. At the time, was I shocked we couldn’t make it work? Sure. Did information about him come out later that made me confident we made the right decision? Absolutely.”

Colbert then prompted her to explain why LaBeouf thought he had quit, while she thought he had been fired, she responded to him the way he had done, both feeling as if they were going on without each other.

Then, the director discussed the speculation called “Spit-Gate” that surrounded a viral video and prompted social media users to wonder if Harry Styles had spit on co-star Chris Pine during the film’s premiere earlier this month in Venice. Film Festival.

“Another one of our weird rumors, Spit-Gate, which you’ve probably heard about, I think is…” Wilde said before Colbert cut it short.

The host explained that he wanted to ask Wilde about the anger and seemed to read from his card: “Did Harry Styles spit on Chris Pine? Why and why not? Support your answer.”

Wilde laughed and said, “No, he didn’t. But I think it’s a great example, for example, that people will look for drama anywhere they can. Harry didn’t spit on Chris, actually…”

Colbert interrupted her again sarcastically, “Only time will tell.”

Payne’s team previously released a statement categorically denying that Styles spat on him. In addition, Styles mocked the debate during a recent show at Madison Square Garden.

Finally, Wilde addressed the rumors that she and Pugh were “fighting”.

“I have nothing but respect for Florence’s talent,” she told Colbert. “She’s amazing. She’s on the set of her movie Dune Now, and there’s nothing more adorable than a busy actress. I have nothing against it for any reason.”

She went on to explain that she finds it interesting not to ask her fellow directors any questions about the cast, and the host agreed with her.

“People were already talking about the movie itself,” Wilde said. They have been praised for being autocrats. They can be investigated over and over again, yet it still doesn’t trump conversations about their actual talent or about the movie themselves. This is something we have come to expect. They are completely different standards created for women and men in the entire world.”

Late Show It airs weekend nights at 11:35 p.m. on CBS.

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