Parks Associates: 23% of US Internet households agree movies and music should be available for free

Parks Associates: 23% of US Internet households agree movies and music should be available for free

The most recent Parks Associates consumer data on video habits shows that nearly a quarter of US internet households agree that content piracy is acceptable, up from 14% in 2019. 22, 11:00 am CT US, as part of the fifth annual Future of Video: OTT, Pay TV and Digital Media.

Future of Video, sponsored by Adeia, FPT Software, Quickplay, SymphonyAI Media, Comcast Technology Solutions, Metrological and Friend MTS, brings together industry leaders for visionary presentations, interactive panel discussions and analyst perspectives.

“Nearly half of pirates believe that stealing content is acceptable because there are no consequences for the behavior,” said Jennifer Kent, vice president of research at Parks Associates. “The session provides insights into piracy behavior and triggers and strategies for balancing piracy prevention with subscriber retention and churn drivers. We’re excited to bring the industry together to share insights on this important topic.”

The session includes a research presentation from Parks Associates, a fireside chat with Marty Roberts, Brightcove’s senior vice president of product marketing, and two interactive panel discussions, “Technology to Protect” and “Vendor Concerns: Losing millions or gain attention?


  • Tim Corte, General Manager, Reelgood
  • Serhad Doken, Technical Director, bye
  • Steve Epstein, Fellow Solutions Engineer, synamedia
  • Matthew Fite, CTO, verimatrix
  • Olga Kornienko, co-founder and COO, EZDRM
  • Sebastian Kramer, Senior Vice President, Product Management, NAGRA
  • Sourik Samaddar, Manager, Consumer Solutions, smart technologies
  • Peter Scott, Vice President of Emerging Media and Innovation, WarnerMedia
  • Chris White, COO, mts friend
  • Lau Zuydervelt, Product Manager Cybersecurity and Anti-Piracy, A little

“We found that consumers pirate NOT because they want to, but because they are often forced to by an increasingly complex and fragmented streaming landscape that was created for businesses, not users,” said Tim Cutting, general manager of Reelgood.

“Some consumers don’t even realize they are viewing pirated content,” said Serhad Doken, CTO of Adeia. “There is room for industry improvement in several perspectives: education, content security, and product design.”

“We’re talking to the world’s biggest streamers and studios, and they all express a similar sentiment: piracy is a current problem that needs to be solved,” said Matthew Fite, CTO of Verimatrix. “I think as an industry we have an opportunity and a responsibility right now to work together to find creative solutions to end piracy.”

“With an increasingly fragmented content landscape as content owners offer direct-to-consumer services, piracy is skyrocketing. Ultimately, consumers are looking for content, so we all need to focus on the best aggregate approaches to enable make this happen,” he said. Sebastian Kramer, Senior Vice President of Product Management, NAGRA.

“EZDRM is excited to participate in discussions about the future of video, as we strongly believe in the commercial foundations of the streaming media business,” said Olga Kornienko, Co-Founder and COO of EZDRM. “Internet distribution does not remove the fundamental need to monetize the production and distribution of great content, something we help enable every day.”

“We are very pleased to join this illustrious panel and highlight how broadcasters, platform operators and rights holders can address the threats posed by video piracy,” said Chris White, COO of Friend MTS.

Registration is open. The media are invited to attend.

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