PSN Down January 17 2023

PSN is down in America, Europe and Australia right now

The PSN servers are down in America, Europe, and Australia right now on the evening of January 17, 2023, leaving many PS5 players unable to connect to PlayStation Network or to play online games. PSN’s official status page has yet to acknowledge that there is a problem, but many players have taken to social media to voice their concerns about not being able to fully use their consoles.

PSN expires on January 17, 2023

PSN servers are down around the globe on January 17th, with some significant issues affecting players. According to third-party tracking sites and social media forums like Reddit, players in North America, Europe and Australia are experiencing problems logging into their PSN accounts. Those who managed to log in then have problems connecting to online games.

However, not all players have problems. While some get kicked out of the games they are playing, others continue to play the single player games without any problem. The official PSN Status website has yet to acknowledge that there are issues, insisting that all services are up and running. As such, Sony has yet to say it is working on the problem and has not found a solution at the time of writing.

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