Publisher 2K, the latest victim of the Great Hacking

Publisher 2K, the latest victim of the Great Hacking

2K appears to be the latest company to fall prey to digital bad actors, with an unauthorized third party gaining access to the publisher’s customer support and help desk platforms. The company quickly released a statement, which you can read in full below.

2K warned users not to open emails or click on links sent from 2K Support, as intruders have already sent legitimate-looking communications that contained malicious links. 2K’s support site has been taken offline and will remain so while the company works to resolve the intrusion.

The Bioshock and Borderlands editor is the latest in a string of major intrusions that have rocked the industry in recent days. GTA 6 developer Rockstar Games (which shares the same parent company as 2K, that of Take-Two Interactive) suffered a catastrophic leak that resulted in the release of around 90 gameplay videos, which the FBI is reportedly investigating. A few hours later, Blizzard suffered a similar situation, where gameplay of the upcoming Diablo 4 was leaked from an internal beta.

Are we seeing the first salvo in a Skynet-type cyber war? Why is the video game industry suddenly flowing more than an old sieve? Weigh in on this dark future in the comments section below.

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